Silver Oak offers several Language Arts and Reading Programs:

Battle of the Books is a national reading incentive program that Silver Oak has participated in since 2012. Silver Oak students who will be in grades 3-6 in Fall are invited to challenge themselves and join the fun!

Students have from summer break through October to read as many books as they can from their grade's book list. In the fall, 3rd-6th graders that choose to participate will form teams and compete in a game show style venue where two teams face off at a time to answer questions related to any of the stories on their list.

The top 2 teams for each level will meet in the Championship Competition to see which 3rd/4th grade and 5th/6th grade teams win the BATTLE OF THE BOOKS!

YMCA's Asset Building Champions (ABC) is Project Cornerstone’s literature-based program addressing important issues like respect, tolerance, honesty, peaceful conflict resolution, taking a stand against bullying behaviors, and refusing to participate in gossip. The stories and activities focus on providing tools, building social skills and increasing student-to-student respect. Students also learn about values such as honesty, caring, responsibility, and friendship. 
Volunteers read a specially selected children’s book and lead related activities and discussions that help teach valuable lessons related to these issues each month. The learnings are extended to families in the form of summary LETTER every month to follow up on tools learned through the book. Please take time to talk about the book at home, help us build a stronger and healthy and happy SilverOak Community. Click the Project Cornerstone tab for more information. Click the Project Cornerstone tabs for more details.

Celebrate your child’s birthday and help build their classroom or school library collection by participating in the Birthday Book Club. This long-standing tradition that allows parents to recognize their child's birthday by donating books to their classroom or our school library. Click on the Birthday Book Club tab above for more details. Click on the Birthday Book Club Recognition page to see a list of students that have donated a book for their birthday.

Silver Oak's Scholastic Book Fair takes place in every year in November. All proceeds raised In this event benefit our school library. 

Spelling Bee offers all Silver Oak students in grades 4-6 the chance to showcase their spelling prowess in January. 


Calling all 3rd to 6th graders! Didn't get through all the books you planned to this summer? There is still time to read and prepare for the 2023 Battle of the Books! 

Sign-ups and team forming will begin the week in SEPTEMBER 2023 during the school day at lunch. The team competitions will begin OCTOBER, also during the school day at lunch. There is no cost to participate in this program and all BoB books are available in the Silver Oak Library!

Here are the book lists for 3-4 and 4-6 grades. Pick your favorites or the ones you have not read or the ones you never would have if not for the BoB...which ever way you pick, have fun reading!

Each list consists of 20 excellent titles, a mix of classic and new, selected by the America's Battle of the Books organization.

Battle of the Books Reading List 2023

Battle of the Books is a national reading incentive program that Silver Oak has participated in since 2012. Silver Oak students who will be in grades 3-6 in Fall 2021 are invited to challenge themselves and join the fun!
Students have from now through most of October (if the contest remains as originally scheduled) to read as many books as they can from their grade's book list above. In the fall, 3rd-6th graders that choose to participate will form teams and compete in a game show style venue where two teams face off at a time to answer questions related to any of the stories on their list.
The top 2 teams for each level will meet in the Championship Competition to see which 3rd/4th grade and 5th/6th grade teams win the BATTLE OF THE BOOKS!


Happy Reading!



Students in 3rd-6th grades are signed up, have formed teams, and are ready to battle in our upcoming 2022 Battle of the Books competition that begins begins Monday, October 24.

Teams are made up of 4-6 students and are grouped in two grade spans where 3rd and 4th graders play against each other and 5th and 6th graders compete amongst each other. This year we have twelve 3/4 grade teams and ten 5/6 grade teams. Over the next 5-6 weeks, these teams will prepare to go to "battle" with each other by reading 20 books from the Battle of the Books list.

How "Battles" Work

The tournament starts with each team playing 2 games to get a feel for the types of questions being asked and how answers should be given. There are 24 questions in each game worth 2 points a piece. An example of a question might be: In what book did students participate in a Quidditch game? Teams earn 1 point for providing the title of the book and a second point for naming the author. 

After the initial 2 games are played, teams are ranked and play in the elimination rounds, meaning their team wins they move on, their team loses they are done for this year's competition.

Championship Prize and Recognition

The winning team has a chance to win $15 Amazon gift cards sponsored by our PTO and the title of Silver Oak BOB Champions.


Project Cornerstone's ABC program provides our children with the tools and skills to trive. We rotate through the three year program with the first year being our "ASSET" year, second year being our "BUILDING" year, and the third year, our "CHAMPION" year. 

2023-2024 is the Champion year of ABC (Assets Building Champions) program. The focus of these books is “Connect with Empathy”. Through the power of books, caring adults can model appreciation for different types of people, guiding children to understand and care for those who may face challenges different from their own. and promoting equality through diverse and inclusive communities. 

2022-2023 is the Building year of ABC (Assets Building Champions) program. The focus of these books is "Inclusion" It's for everyone.

2021-2022 was the ASSET year of ABC and the theme is being UPSTANDER An UPstander is someone who stands up for others by using kindness and empathy to do the right thing.

From October through May, each month, a school-wide book will be read by assigned parent volunteers in every classroom in Grades K through 4. The book and discussion will build developmental assets like respect, tolerance, friendship and perseverance and teach life skills and tools to deal with social conflicts.

ABC (Assets Building Champions) program is Project Cornerstone's literature–based program addressing important issues like respect, tolerance, honesty, peaceful conflict resolution, taking a stand against bullying behaviors, and refusing to participate in gossip. It provides our entire school community, from principal to student, a shared vocabulary and collective strategies for dealing with difficult situations both in school and out.

Ideally, each classroom has a volunteer parent reader team of 2 per classroom to share the reading, classroom management, discussion and activity for each monthly visit. 

Would you like to be part of our Project Cornerstone ABC Reader Team? Do you love to read to children in the classroom and have about 2 – 3 hours to spare a month? Then this opportunity is for you – Read a Book – Change a life. 

Volunteer Responsibilities:

  • Participate in a monthly one–hour training session for the book you will read in class and plan activities.
  • Prepare activity, read the book to the class, facilitate a discussion, and present the activity to the class each month. 

ABC readers make a difference by making Silver Oak Elementary School a safer and more caring place to learn and grow. 

If you are interested in volunteering please contact:

  • Sree at or
  • Priya at



2023-2024 Books


February 2024 Book:

February Character Trait: Tolerance 

Book Eyes That Kiss in the Corners by Joanna Ho 

Theme Celebrate our multicultural and multi-ethnic world by appreciating and being grateful for the uniqueness and diversity in it. 

Goal Students will cultivate cultural awareness and a sense of belonging by reinforcing and practicing a diversity skillset to help individuals feel respected and valued.

Tools Learned - 

Express gratitude - I appreciate, I support, thank you, you are amazing, etc. 

Examine biases and assumptions. 

Embrace differences. Be true to yourself. 

Don’t be a bucket dipper. Stand up to bucket dipping.

 Combat stereotyping.

Using Positive Self-Talk Welcoming Skill (All students belong

Details about the book - The author Joanna Ho writes this book from a personal experience that promotes students understanding and appreciating their heritage at a young age. When people know more about their own culture, they are better able to understand and appreciate the culture of others. In this story, a young girl notices that her eyes look different from her friends’. Instead of their big, round eyes, hers “kiss in the corners and glow like warm tea”. She realizes that her eyes are like her mother’s, her amah’s, and her little sister’s and they are all beautiful. This book is about recognizing and embracing self-awareness, self-acceptance, and a commitment to live in alignment with your true values and beliefs. Encourage your child to be their authentic self.

January 2024 Book:

January Character Trait: Self-Control

Book Clovis Keeps His Cool by Katelyn Aronson 

Theme Recognize emotion by looking inside one’s self and in others to identify and connect with feelings being expressed. 

Goal: Students will understand the different ways people express their emotions and how to respond to these expressions in an empathetic manner.

Tools Learned:

Use your lid. Reconsider before acting. 

Using Positive Self-Talk (to calm down, or decide what to do next) Notice and accept feelings. 

Keep your cool by 

• Breathing 

• Counting 

• Physical Activity 

Make a genuine apology and offer second chances

Details about the book - Clovis used to struggle with his temper, but ever since he took over his grandmother’s china shop, he’s been learning how to manage it. However, when rivals from his football days tease him at the shop, Clovis faces a big challenge to keep his cool and is unable to use his coping tools. The result is the destruction of the tea shop. After he loses his cool, Clovis honors his grandmother’s memory by reconsidering and giving second chances to his rivals. Clovis offers himself a second chance at keeping his cool and the result is a discovery of how offering second chances can lead to building new relationships.

December 2023 Book:

Character Trait: Courage 

Book : Ruby Bridges Goes to School or Ruby Bridges This is Your Time by Ruby Bridges 

This month’s books, Ruby Bridges Goes to School or Ruby Bridges This Is Your Time, tell the story of Ruby Bridges, the first Black child to integrate a New Orleans school following the 1954 Supreme Court case Brown vs Board of Education, which ordered school districts in the South to end the policy of racially segregated schools. In 1960, six-year-old Ruby Bridges walked through an angry crowd and into school, changing history. Ruby Bridges is the author of both books. Her message serves as a moving reminder that “what can inspire tomorrow often lies in our past.” These books tell the story of Ruby’s courage and remind us all that the struggle for justice continues. Project Cornerstone has had a Ruby Bridges book in their curriculum since 2008. For some, talking about race, discrimination, sterotyping, differences, and biases has felt uncomfortable, but we have learned that they continue to be important to discuss with our youth. In this lesson, students learn how Ruby Bridges was a world changer

Theme : Be a world changer by standing up for the rights of others. 

Goal : Students will perform courageous actions that build a more caring, just, inclusive, tolerant, and safe school community.  

Tools :

Your child can be a world changer by:

 • Inviting and including others 

• Asking how someone is feeling 

• Being an active listener

• Doing intentional acts of caring

 • Standing up for the rights of others

• Respecting differences 

•Learning about other cultures 

• Celebrating diversity

Link to the Book

October 2023 Book:

October Character Trait: Compassion

Book: I Wish You Knew by Jackie Azúa Kramer  

This book promotes the empathy-building skills of active listening, examining biases, and perspective-taking. Power of connection through empathy helps students improve their mental health by learning to understand underlying issues in a person’s life, Tolerance Acceptance, Belonging, and Safety.
Listen With Your Whole Heart: The use of active listening allows students to gain insight into the speaker’s experience, encouraging perspective-taking and building empathy. BE RESPECTFUL. Walk in someone else’s shoes. Understand and care about others. Be a super listener. Engage others by asking:

  • How can we add to the idea of…?
  • What other ideas or examples relate to this idea? Read body language and voice. Do intentional acts of caring.

Theme: Have respect and empathy for others.


  • Develop and practice empathy skills such as active listening, perspective-taking, and compassion.
  • Promote empathy as a means of resolving conflicts, reducing stress, and building stronger connections with others.
  • Examine their own biases, assumptions, and prejudices that may hinder the ability to have empathy for others.
  • Identify caring adults and support systems available to advocate for them.

Goal: Students will develop and practice empathy skills as a means of resolving conflicts, reducing stress, active listening, perspective-taking, and compassion that helps in building stronger connections with others.

September 2023 Book:

September Character Trait: Respect

Book: The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig 

"The Invisible Boy," authored by the talented Trudy Ludwig, touches on the very essence of what it means to connect with empathy. This book beautifully illustrates the importance of making everyone feel welcome and included in our communities. Through the story of Brian, readers learn valuable lessons on establishing and maintaining healthy and rewarding relationships with a variety of people.

Ludwig's storytelling genius allows children to see the perspective of others, even if their views, experiences, or culture differ from their own. "The Invisible Boy" provides a unique opportunity for children to not only get to know themselves better but also to empathize with others whose behavior, needs, and self-expression may be different from their own.

Theme:  "Connect with Empathy" Reach out to invite and include all students. 

Tools for Empathy

  1. Creating an inclusive environment.
  2. Understanding social cues.
  3. Fostering connections through kindness.
  4. Speaking and behaving empathetically.
  5. Cultivating a culture of respect.

Goal : Students will explore ways to have empathy for each other, make and keep friends, and demonstrate genuine consideration and respect towards each other.


2022-2023 Books


April 2023 Book:

The OK Book by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

"The OK Book" is a motivational picture book that celebrates the skills and talents children possess. This book encourages and empowers them to discover the power of "YET". It allows them to fail and then try again to build resiliency skills. Being OK gives them permission to try and explore all kinds of activities that just may lead to the discovery of what makes one great!

Theme: Self-Awareness (identify emotions, self-perception/identity), recognizing strengths, sense of self confidence, and self-efficacy.​​​​​​​


  •  To develop a growth mindset that embraces trying new things.  
  •  To understand and develop resiliency skills.  
  •  To turn I can’t (reactive) attitudes into I can (proactive) attitudes.  
  •  To find joy in discovering new sparks and interests.  


March 2023 Book:

Enemy Pie by Derek Munson

Enemy Pie is a heartwarming and engaging story that's narrated by the main character, a young boy who has a problem with the new kid who moved into the neighborhood. With his fathers help, the boy learns an effective recipe for turning your best enemy into your best friend. The story delivers a powerful lesson about friendship and the importance of not jumping to conclusionsabout people before you know them

Theme : Relationship Skills (ability to establish and maintain healthy and supportive relationships and to effectively navigate settings with diverse individuals and groups).


  • To develop a growth mindset that embraces meeting new people and discovering new things about classmates and friends. 
  • To improve friendship making skills to include forgiveness and learn to make a genuine apology.
  • To be aware that their actions can cause friendships to bloom and wilt.


February 2023 Book:


LONG SHOT- Never Too small To DREAM BIG  by Chris Paul

In this book, NBA Basketball All-Star, Chris Paul, writes about the story of making his high school basketball team despite being one of the shortest players trying out. He talks about the value of determination, hard work, and the refusal to accept limitations.

Theme :​​​​​​​ Positive Identity & Self-Management (ability to harness one’s emotions, thoughts, and behaviors effectively to achieve goals).


  • Use a growth mindset to explore, discover, and pursue the sparks (interests, dreams, passions)
  • Identify your spark champions (peers, family, and others who give you support)
  • Be spark champions for others and use teamwork to build inclusion.
  • Set short term goals as part of exploring your purpose through persistence, perseverance, and determination.


January 2023 Book:

Today I Feel Silly and Other Moods That Make My Day  by Jaime Lee Curtis

This book was selected because it teaches about emotional literacy-naming, understanding, and coping with feelings. This book shows students the range of emotions a person can feel and how to identify them. It teaches students to identify their own emotions and to understand how another person may be feeling. Learning to identify feelings is important to building empathy. Having a rich vocabulary to describe feelings helps children understand themselves better and understand and communicate with others better as well. Identifying emotions helps children cultivate better relationships.​​​​​​​

Theme: Motivate Kids to manage their own emotions and behaviors


1. Name and notice the feelings/emotions of self and others.

2. Learn ways to accept and deal with feelings. 

3. Empower students to practice specific skills they can use to influence things that happen to them. 

4. View disappointment and sadness as temporary and fixable states. 


November 2022 Book:

The Day You Begin  by Jacqueline Woodson

The Day You Begin” is about a little girl entering into a new world. It features this beautiful African American girl talking about her expectations about entering someplace new and her thoughts about how she might be received. She eventually figures out how to make herself seen and heard. This book celebrates diversity in the classroom and talks about how we can learn about the world from each other.

Theme : Celebrate Differences

Goals: Accept and celebrate differences. UPstanders practice intentional acts of caring. Practice inclusive behaviors to create a caring school. Show empathy to others. Speak your voice. Recognize and value all dimensions of diversity.


October 2022 Book:

Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon by Patty Lovell

This book helps students recognize that they have the power within themselves to deal with bucket dipping behaviors. The main character is empowered by a caring adult, her grandmother. As her grandmother fills her bucket, Molly Lou gains self confidence which empowers her to stand up to bucket dipping behaviors. Molly Lou models positive self-talk to other students in the class. She demonstrates how positive energy can not only change negative behavior, but also create a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Theme : Walk Proud, Smile Big and Sing loud

Goals: Use self-care to be your best. Focus on the fact that you have the power to choose how you react! Use your body language to stand tall, walk proud, smile big and sing loud. Remove mud thoughts by using clear thoughts and positive self-talk. Stop, think, and understand to prevent bucket dipping. Identify and name the caring adults that are your cheerleaders. 


September 2022 Book:

René Has Two Last Names by René Colato Laínez

This book is about a little boy, René, who moves from El Salvador to the United States. René has two last names which represent his mother and father’s families. His classmates make fun of him for having such a long name. René is proud of his names and intentionally uses his family tree homework assignment to stand up to the bucket dipping and explain the significance of his family names.

Theme : Embrace Your Culture

Goals: Try to get to know people before making judgments. Understand and learn about different cultures and how diversity makes us stronger. Identify and celebrate individuals’ personal identities. Use positive personal power to stand up for traditions and beliefs. Be inclusive and accepting of differences. Understand friendship boosters and busters. Hang out with people who let you be YOU!




2021-2022 Books


May's character trait is “Integrity”


We will read the book, “The Empty Pot” by Demi


Theme: Courage, Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility, Perseverance (CHIRP)

Goal for May: Model how to act with courage, honesty, responsibility, integrity, and perseverance. Stand by beliefs and stand up for them with courage and determination. Honesty makes trust bloom.

April’s character trait is “Acceptance.”

We will read the book, “One” by Kathryn Otoshi

Theme: It just takes ONE to make a difference! Everyone counts.

Goal for April: Students will know, accept and value who they are, and know that they have the power to make a difference in their own (and other students’) lives.

March's character trait is “Honesty.”

This month we will read the book "Trouble Talk" by Trudy Ludwig. This book is about the power of words and how words can either be uplifting or hurtful.

Theme: Rumors stop with me!

Goal for March: Help children become more aware of their personal responsibility to treat others with kindness and respect. Use tools of healthy talk and a genuine apology.


February's character trait is "Empathy."

We will read the book, “The Recess Queen” by Alexis O’Neill

Theme: Peaceful conflict steps.

Goal for February: Empower students to use their skills as UPstanders to create a safe and caring climate on the school playground by using conflict resolution, telling and making a report, and inviting and including all to participate in play.

Due to the Pandemic, Project Cornerstone was cancelled during the month of January.

December’s character trait is “Caring.”

We will read the book, “Say Something” by Peggy Moss

Theme: If you see an injustice... say something! Say and do something. Move from bystander to becoming an UPstander.  

Goal for December: Provide students with concrete examples of bully behaviors and discuss strategies for safely responding to verbal, physical, and relational bullying. Use kindness and be an UPstander to counteract negative behavior. 

November’s character trait is “Leadership.”

We will read the book, “Simon’s Hook” by Karen G. Burnett

Theme: Five tools to deal with teasing. 

Goal for November: Help students feel empowered and in control of things that happen to them. Learn specific language and techniques to avoid taking the bait. 

October's character trait is  "Respect." 

We will read the book," Have You Filled a Bucket Today? " by  Carol McCloud . 

Goal for October: Empower students to intentionally fill their buckets and the buckets of others with good feelings. 

About Silver Oak Birthday Book Club

Celebrate your child’s birthday and help build their classroom or school library collection by participating in the Birthday Book Club. This long-standing tradition that allows parents to recognize their child's birthday by donating books to their classroom or our school library.

Flyers are sent home with students with upcoming birthdays. Those who wish to participate can return the completed form and payment to their classroom. The students is then invited to choose a book, write their signature on it and donate it to their classroom or the school library.

These books are long lasting gifts that all the students of Silver Oak School can enjoy for years to come. We greatly appreciate your support.

For more information please contact Nicole Rotter at

Birthday Book Club Recognition Page

Thank you Birthday Book Club Participants!

PTO is happy to report the following students have chosen books to be donated to their classroom or the school library.

June Birthdays

Akshara A.
Tara B.
Reagan D.
Zareena G.
Vasudha K.
Abby L.
Thao Ngoc M.
Huy N.
Myra V.


July Birthdays

Presley B.
Swara C.
Logan D.
Ariv K.
Abby L.
Arissa P.
Pranav S.
Olivia W.

August Birthdays

Rithvik A.
Kaiya B.
Elena H.
Firoze P.
Hasini P.
Riley S.
Ella T.
Ben T.
Evelyn W.


September Birthdays

Tanishka C.
London G.
Ryan H.
Mila H.
Ophelia H.
Harrison K.
Khoa L.
Aarna P.
Jason P.
Lexi S.


October Birthdays

Aadhya K.
Rianna K.
Keira L.
Sourav N.
Armaan N.
Rachel S.
Emma V.
Allison W.


November Birthdays

Ashlyn B.
Esther H.
Meifei L.
Rishi M.
Aubrilyn N.
Ethan N.
Hridhaan S.


December Birthdays

Maya C.
Phoebe N.
Aira P.
Diya P.
Naisha S.


January Birthdays

Arjun D.
Yvette F.
Ishaan I.
Aashna M.
Sydney N.
Samraj S.
Ansh T.
Dylan W.


Bzz...Bzz...Silver Oak Spelling Bee

This spelling bee contest offers all students in grades 4-6 the chance to showcase their spelling prowess in a classic Spelling Bee contest in January.

All grade 4-6 students will take the Written Spelling Bee test in their respective classes Jan 10, 2024 

Top finalists from the written bee will advance to the Oral Spelling Bee Thu Jan 18, 2024 1p.m. – 3p.m. in the Multi-Purpose Room. Permission slips will be sent home to those students who qualify for the oral spelling bee.


To prepare for the written spelling bee:

A big thank you to Silver Oak PTO for sponsoring this event.

Please contact Silver Oak PTO at if you have any questions.

Silver Oak held its 18th annual Spelling Bee competition on

January 18, 2024

Congratulations to our 1st place winner:

Shardul A.

Congratulations to our 2nd place winners:

Bao N.

Congratulations to our District Spelling Bee Participants:

Shardul A. earned 2nd Place

Bao N. earned 3rd Place



Congratulations to the top 20 winners in Silver Oak 2024 Spelling Bee
Written Contest!

All Silver Oak students in grades 4-6 were invited to register free to take
the initial test in their classrooms.


Shardul A. (1st)


Aahana V


Matthew S


Bao N. (2nd)


Jenny Z


Charlene N


Ahmad T


Martin K


Kai P


Dylan D


Vincent A


Thulika M


Dhruv P


Amruta N


Aidan W


Deetya C


Dev A




Meifei L


Ayaansh S  (3rd)